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Video And Image Processing

Check out this collection of posters to see how others in video & image processing are accelerating their work with the power of GPUs.


    GPU Accelerated Compressive Imaging System

    Mohammad Azari Research assistant, UNC Charlotte


    Multi-Core GPU – Fast Parallel SAR Image Generation

    Mahesh Khadtare Research Student (PhD), I2IT, Pune


    Real-Time GPU Based Video Segmentation with Depth Information

    Nilangshu Bidyanta Student, University of Arizona


    Tegra K1 Imaging Performance Study: Local Binary Patterns (LBP)

    Antonio Sanz Montemayor Associate Professor , Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


    Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Processing by Range Migration Algorithm Using Multi-GPUs

    Barath Sastha Student, IIT Bombay


    High-Quality ASCII Art Generation with GPU Acceleration

    Koji Nakano Professor, Hiroshima University


    Image Matching Using Hypergraphs on the GPU

    Peter Yoon Associate Professor of Computer Science, Trinity College


    Robot Soccer: A BYU Senior Design Project

    Alex Wilson Research Assistant, Brigham Young University



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