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Check out this collection of scientific posters to find out how researchers in supercomputing are accelerating their work with the power of GPUs.


    Towards Scaling Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenvalue Solvers on Multiple Nodes of CPUs-GPUs

    Alberto Estrella Cruz Graduate student, CINVESTAV-IPN


    GPU Heuristic Parallel Implementation of the Travelling Salesman Problem

    Joao Gazolla PhD Candidate, Universidade Federal Fluminense


    Recovering Nanostructures from X-Ray Scattering Data

    Abhinav Sarje Computer Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


    Energy Efficient Distributed GPU Communication

    Benjamin Klenk Research Associate and PhD Student, Heidelberg University


    A Reacting Flow Simulation Framework for High Fidelity Combustion Simulations of Turbulent Combustion

    Ramanan Sankaran Computational Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


    Solving Billions of Small Multiple Linear Algebra Problems

    Joshua C. Bowden Scientific Software Engineer, CSIRO


    “AVEGA” – The Memristor Crossbar Simulatro

    Nikhil Shekhawat Student, UCF


    Performance Analysis of Lattice QCD on GPUs in APGAS Programming Model

    Koichi Shirahata Ph.D. student, Tokyo Institute of Technology


    Long-Time Simulation of Advection-Diffusion-Reaction System Using FEM and FVM on Hybrid CPU/GPU Nodes

    Xuan Huang Research Assistant, University of Maryland, Baltimore County


    Power Capping of CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Systems Using Power and Performance Models

    Kazuki Tsuzuku Power Capping of CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Systems using Power and Performance Models, Tokyo Institute of Technology


    A High-Productivity Framework for Multi-GPU Computing of Weather Prediction Code ASUCA

    Takashi Shimokawabe Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology



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