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Medical Imaging

Check out this collection of scientific posters and find out how researchers in medical imaging are accelerating their work with the power of GPUs.


    Accelerated Computing with 3D Data Grids

    Duane Storti Professor, University of Washington, Seattle


    Computing Corpus Callosum as Biomarker for Degenerative Disorders

    Thomas Kovac PhD Student, Expertise Centre for Digital Media


    Optimization for Breast Tomosynthesis Image Reconstruction

    Pedro Ferreira Researcher, IBEB & NOVA LINCS


    Development of a Medical Physics Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Code ARCHER

    Tianyu Liu Computer Scientist, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


    Multiple 2-D Curve-Fitting on GPUs Using Particle Swarm Optimization

    Ronald Kneusel Principal Software Engineer, Exelis Visual Information Solutions


    A GPU Accelerated Cardiac Image Segmentation Approach Using Diffeomorphic Registration

    Kumaradevan Punithakumar Operational and Computational Director, Servier Virtual Cardiac Centre


    GPU-based Parallel Computing for Structural Network Analysis of Human Brain

    Shih-Kai Huang Master Student, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chang Gung University


    Spatial and Temporal Feature Extraction for Brain Decoding Using CUDA

    Alptekin Temizel Assoc. Prof. Dr. , Middle East Technical University (METU)


    Accelerated Medical Computing Toolkit and GPU Accelerated Importance-Driven Volume Visualization

    Chee-Kong Chui Associate Professor, National University of Singapore


    Accelerating Multi-Level Deformable Image Registration Methods for Lung Images with GPU Computing

    Nathan Ellingwood Postdoctoral researcher, University of Iowa


    GPU Acceleration of Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Carcinoma MRI Image Segmentation by cuDNN

    Di Zhao Associate Professor, Supercomputing Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences



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