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Life And Material Science

Check out this collection of scientific posters to find out how researchers in life and material sciences are accelerating their work with the power of GPUs.


    Discovering a Broad Array of Functions for Clock-Controlled Genes Using Parallel Algorithm on Multi-GPGPU and MCMC

    Ahmad Al-Omari Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Georgia


    GPU-Accelerated Modeling of Folder Human DNA

    Adrian Sanborn PhD Student, Stanford University


    Modeling X-Ray Diffractometer Device Function Using Montecarlo Ray Tracing and CUDA

    Carlos Gonzalez M S, Instituto de Fisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


    GeauxDock: An Ultra-fast Molecular Docking Package for Computer-aided Drug Discovery

    Yun Ding Research Assistant, Louisiana State University


    Application of Parallelized Grid Search Method for Parameter Estimation Using PK-PD Models

    Ambuj Pandey Researcher, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.


    High Performance Gibbs Sampler for Mixed Density General Linear Systems

    Bruce Golden CEO, Theta Solutions, LLC


    GPU-Accelerated Pipeline For Next Generation Sequencing Data Simulation

    Andrei Rozanski PhD Student, MOCHSL


    GHOSTZ-GPU: Fast Protein Sequence Homology Search on GPUs

    Shuji Suzuki Student, Tokyo Institute of Technology



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