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Developer Algorithms

Check out this collection of research and science posters to see how others are optimizing programming algorithms to accelerate their codes on GPUs.


    Implementation of Nearest Neighbor Search on GPGPU Systems

    Akiyoshi Wakatani Professor, Konan University


    Modified Implicit Bernstein Form and its GPU Parallelization for Computing the Bernstein Coefficients of a Polynomial

    Nataraj paluri professor, Indian Institute of technology, Bombay, India


    Accelerating the Dense Singular Value Decomposition Using High Performance Polar Decomposition Implementation

    Dalal Sukkari PhD student, KAUST


    LRnLA Model of Computation for Heterogeneous Calculations

    Ivan Goryachev Junior Researcher, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics


    MDACCER: A Local Strategy for Assessment of Complex Networks on GPU

    Carla Osthoff LNCC High Performance Computing Center Coordinator, National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC)


    CUDA Implementation of RSHA-1 and Code Optimization

    Dr. Bhanu Kapoor Owner/Consultor, Mimasic, Dallas, TX USA


    Implementation and Evaluation of DWT on Contemporary NVIDIA GPUs and x86 CPUs

    Vasilis Dimitsas PhD candidate, University of Athens


    Finding Vertex Cover: Acceleration via CUDA

    Yang Liu Senior Lead IT Consultant, Texas A&M University


    A Multi-GPU Based Approach to the 0/1 Knapsack Problem Using the Discrete Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm

    Rahul Chandrashekhar Student, Trinity College, Hartford, CT


    Towards Realizing Topology Mutation for Iterative Graph Processing on a GPU

    Yasuaki Mitani Student, Osaka University


    Faster Compressed Sparse Row (CSR)-based Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Using CUDA

    Jorge González-Domínguez Postdoc, University of Mainz (Germany)


    Using GPU as Hardware Random Number Generator

    Yongjin Yeom Professor, Kookmin University


    A Framework for Accelerating Cryptographic SAT Solver with CUDA

    Taeill Yoo Graduate Student, Kookmin University



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