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Big Data Analytics

Check out this collection of scientific posters to see how researchers in big data analytics are accelerating their work with the power of GPUs.


    Real-Time GPU Computation of Ballistic Thermal Signatures

    Glenn Parker Principal Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Research Institute


    Parallel Map Projection of Vector-based Big Spatial Data

    Wenpeng Feng Ph.D. Student, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


    Large-Scale Pattern Recognition Using GPU-Accelerated Relational Database

    Matthew England Graduate Research Assistant, University of Missouri, Columbia


    Topological Data Analysis Acceleration on GPUs

    Ryan Hsu Software Engineer, Ayasdi


    GPU Based Data Analysis on the example of Time-of-flight Spectroscopy

    Gregor Hartmann Postdoc, DESY


    Massively Parallel Geo-Spatial Coordinates Computation with GalacticaDB

    Keh Kok Yong Senior Staff Engineer, MIMOS Berhad


    Fuzzy String Matching of Vehicle Identification Numbers in a Highly Parallel Environnent

    Mason Saucier Assistant Research Engineer, Center For Advanced Public Safety, Computer Science Department at The University of Alabama


    Fighting Malware with GPUs in Real Time

    Libor Morkovsky Senior Researcher, Avast s.r.o


    GPU Accelerated Multi-Predicate Join Algorithms for Listing Cliques in Graphs

    Haicheng Wu PhD Student, Georgia Institute of Technology


    Gunrock: A High-Performance Graph Processing Library on the GPU

    Yangzihao Wang PhD Candidate, University of California, Davis



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