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Tools And Libraries

Check out this collection of research and science posters to find out how developers are accelerating their tools and libraries with the power of GPUs.


    A Very Fast Loss-Less Data Compression Method Optimized for GPU Decompression

    Koji Nakano, Professor, Hiroshima University


    Hybrid Vector Library—From Memory Bound to Compute Bound with NVVM

    Régis Portalez, Researcher, ALTIMESH


    RLAGPU: High-performance Out-of-Core Randomized Singular Value Decomposition on GPU

    Yuechao Lu, Ph.D candidate, Department of Computer Science, Osaka University


    Scientific Computations on GPU on the Web: A Use Case Of Distributed Volunteer Computing for Hydrological Applications

    Ibrahim Demir, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa


    Tool for Dynamic Thread/Warp/Block Analysis and Visualization

    Pawel Kobojek, Ph. D. Student, Warsaw University of Technology



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