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Self-Driving Cars

Check out this collection of posters to see how researchers are using GPU-based supercomputing to develop self-driving cars.


    Embedded Bayesian Perception by Dynamic Occupancy Grid Filtering

    Christian Laugier, First Class Research Director , Inria Grenoble


    Pothole Detection with DetectNet: Towards Unpredictable Road Condition Aware Autonomous Vehicles

    Shreyas Ramesh, Software Development Associate Engineer, Quest Software


    The Application of Machine Learning for the Development of Active Safety Systems

    Markus Schratter, Researcher Active Safety, Virtual Vehicle Research Center


    Virtual Reality Based Simulator for Training and Evaluation of Autonomous Vehicles

    Pierluigi Pisu, Associate Professor, Department of Automotive Engineering, Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research


    Embedded Real-Time Stixel Computation

    Antonio Miguel Espinosa, Post-doctoral Researcher, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona



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