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Performance Optimization

Check out this collection of research and science posters to find out how others maximizing performance optimization accelerate their codes on GPUs.


    A GPGPU-Based Framework for Efficient 2-body Statistics Computation

    Napath Pitaksirianan, Research Assistant, University of South Florida


    Accelerating Binary Matrix-Vector Multiplications for Post-Processing of Quantum Random Number Generator

    Minyoung Bae, Student, Kookmin University, Republic of Korea


    Batched Triangular DLA for Very Small Matrices on GPUs

    Ali Charara, PhD Student, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)


    Keep On Rolling - Pushing the Hardware Limits with a Rotation-Based FMM

    Ivo Kabadshow, Scientist, Juelich Supercomputing Centre


    Parallelizing NIST's Entropy Sources Evaluation SP 800-90B with CUDA

    Yewon Kim, Student, Kookmin University


    Break it Up. Finding the Perfect Balance by Pruning High-Order Stencils

    Johannes Pekkilä, M.Sc. Student, Research Assistant, ReSoLVE Centre of Excellence, Aalto University School of Science


    Optimizing Vector Reduction on GPUs

    Ludomir Oteski, Postdoctoral researcher, ONERA



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