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Computer Vision And Machine Vision

Check out this collection of scientific posters to find out how researchers in computer & machine vision are accelerating their work with the power of GPUs.


    Applying a Heterogeneous Parallel Algorithm to Estimate 3D Pose of Rigid Objects

    Kenia Picos, Professor, CETYS Universidad


    Artificial Intensity Remapping: Learning Multimodal Image Descriptors without Multimodal Image Data

    Youngwook Kwon, PhD candidate, UC Berkeley


    Real-Time Keyer Using Light Field Cameras

    Rodrigo Silva, VFX Researcher, Globo TV Network


    Speeding Up Harris3D Interest Point Detection Using CUDA

    Jose Valencia, Masters Student, Universidade Federal Fluminense


    UnrealCV: Connecting Computer Vision to Unreal Engine

    Weichao Qiu, Student, Johns Hopkins University


    Visual Dialog

    Abhishek Das, CS PhD Student, Georgia Tech


    A GPU-Accelerated Denoising Algorithm for Scientific Cameras

    Ali Lashgari Faghani, Image processing Manager, Photometrics


    Single Image 3D Interpreter Network

    Jiajun Wu, Graduate Student, MIT



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