Check out this collection of research posters to see how others are optimizing algorithms to accelerate their codes on GPUs.


    Dynamic Dictionary Data Structures for the GPU

    Saman Ashkiani, PhD candidate, University of California, Davis


    cuShiftOr: String Matching with Prefix Summing on a GPU

    Fumihiko Ino, Associate Professor, Osaka University


    Fast and Memory-Saving SpGEMM Algorithm for New Pascal Generation GPU

    Yusuke Nagasaka, Student, Tokyo Institute of Technology


    Fast Join Algorithms on GPUs: Design and Implementation

    Ran Rui, Research Assistant, University of South Florida


    GPU-Accelerated Self-Calibrating GROG (SC-GROG) Gridding

    Omair Inam, Assistant Professor, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology


    High-Speed Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Techniques Based on Artificial Neural Networks

    Gang Wu, Mr, University of Sussex


    Numerical Error of Spiking Neural Network Simulations on GPUs

    James Turner, PhD student, University of Sussex


    Shortest Path Calculations for Low-Density High-Diameter Road Network Simulation

    Peter Heywood, PhD Student, The University of Sheffield


    Simulating the Behavior of the Human Brain on NVIDIA GPUs (Human Brain Project)

    Pedro Valero-Lara, Simulating the Behavior of the Human Brain on NVIDIA GPUs (Human Brain Project), Barcelona Supercomputing Center - GPU Center of Excelence


    GPU-Accelerated Direct Sparse Matrix Solver for ANSYS Electronics

    David Fernandez Becerra, Research and Development Engineer, ANSYS Inc.


    A Heterogeneous System Based on Latent Semantic Analysis (hLSA)

    Gabriel León-Paredes, Assistant Professor, Universidad Politécnica Salesiana Sede Cuenca - Ecuador


    An Optimized Algorithm for Batched Cholesky Factorizations on GPUs

    Ludomir Oteski, Postdoctoral researcher, ONERA


    Fast yet Inefficient Parallel Huffman Decoding

    Eric McCreath, Senior Lecturer, Australian National University


    Write Optimized Index Based on Log Structured Merge Trees Implemented on GPU

    Konstantin Kuznetsov, deep learning architect, Entropix


    The Standard of Compact Descriptors for Visual Search and its GPU Acceleration

    Jie Chen, CEO, BoyunVision (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd.



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