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Tools & Libraries

Check out this collection of research and science posters to find out how developers are accelerating their tools and libraries with the power of GPUs.


    A Case Study on Programming Heterogeneous Multi-GPU with StarPU Library.

    Joao Gazolla, Ph.D. Candidate, Universidade Federal Fluminense


    Benefits of Remote GPU Virtualization: The rCUDA Perspective

    Federico Silla, Associate Professor, Technical University of Valencia


    CudaPAD - A Quick on-the-fly PTX/SASS Viewer.

    Ryan White, Programmer, IT Consultant


    Performance Comparison of a CUDA® Interval Arithmetic Library with Standard Interval Library

    Paluri Nataraj, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India


    Tuning Heterogeneous Computing Architectures Through Integrated Performance Tools

    Robert Lim, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Oregon


    Utilization and Expansion of ppOpen-AT for OpenACC

    Satoshi Ohshima, Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo



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