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Supercomputing & HPC

Check out these research posters for to see how researchers are using GPU technology to drive deep learning, simulation and visualization.


    Advanced High-Productivity Framework for Large-Scale GPU/CPU Stencil Computations

    Takashi Shimokawabe, Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology


    Astro: A Low Cost Low Power Computing Cluster

    Gavin Baker, Student, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


    enerGyPU for Monitoring Performance and Power Consumption on Multi-GPUs

    John Anderson Garcia Henao, Master Student of Science in Systems Engineering and Informatics


    GPU Effectiveness for DART

    Ye Feng, Student, University of Wyoming


    HPC for Remote Visualization and Interaction with Scientific Applications

    Deyberth Riaño Nuñez, Student, Universidad Industrial de Santander


    OpenACC Enabled Benchmark Suite on Intel Ivy Bridge

    Joel Bricker, Graduate Student, University of Delaware


    Profiler Guided Manual Optimization for Accelerating the Cholesky Decomposition

    Vinay Ramakrishnaiah, Research Assistant/Intern, University of Wyoming/National Center for Atmospheric Research


    Reducing Remote GPU Execution's Overhead with mrCUDA®

    Pak Markthub, Ph.D. Student, Tokyo Institute of Technology


    Strassen's Algorithm in a Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Distributed System

    Uriel Cabello, Ph.D. Student, CINVESTAV


    Testing Fine-Grained Parallelism for the ADMM on a Factor-Graph

    Jose Bento, Professor, Boston College



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