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Performance Optimization

Check out this collection of research and science posters to find out how others maximizing performance optimization accelerate their codes on GPUs.


    A Dictionary Learning Approach in GPU for Image Denoising

    Lizeth Joseline Fuentes PĂ©rez, Master Student, Federal Fluminense University


    Cholesky Factorization on Batches of Matrices with Fixed and Variable Sizes

    Ahmad Abdelfattah, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee


    Exploring Dynamic Parallelism for Irregular Applications on GPUs

    Jin Wang, Ph.D. Student, Georgia Institute of Technology


    Fast Parallel Skew and Prefix-Doubling Suffix Array Construction on the GPU

    Leyuan Wang, Ph.D. student, University of California, Davis


    GPU Implementation of Splitting-Up Conjugate Gradient Method

    Akiyoshi Wakatani , Professor, Konan University


    Parallel Homotopy Method for the Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem

    Peter Reheis, Research Assistant, Trinity College


    Using CLANG/LLVM Vectorization to Generate Mixed Precision Source Code

    Regis Portalez, Research Engineer, Altimesh


    Energy-Efficient Fine-Grained DVFS

    Ben Keller, Graduate Student Researcher, University of California, Berkeley



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