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Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Check out this collection of research posters to see how researchers in deep learning and artificial intelligence are accelerating their work with the power of GPUs.


    Applying Deep Learning to Aerospace and Building System Applications at UTC

    Vivek Venugopalan, Sr. Research Scientist, United Technologies Research Center


    Automatic Speech Recognition Using Deep Learning

    Takehiro Sekine, Leader, Yahoo! JAPAN corporation


    CNNs in Content Moderation for Online Classifieds: Scalable Image Classification Service

    Alexandra Fenster, Senior Analyst, Avito


    DR. TED: Deep Learning Recommendation of Treatment from Electronic Data

    David Ledbetter, Data Science Consultant, Children's Hospital Los Angeles


    Fine-Tune For A Fortune: Transfer Learning Using DIGITS and GPUs

    Valeriu Codreanu, HPC consultant, SURFsara


    GPU Boosted Deep Learning in Real-time Face Alignment

    Binglong Xie, Chief Architect, HiScene Information Technology Co,.Ltd


    Heterogeneous Learning for Multi-task Facial Analysis Using Single Deep Convolutional Network

    Takayoshi Yamashita, Lecturer, Chubu University


    Image-Based Sticker Recommendation Using Deep Learning

    Jiwon Kim, Senior Research Engineer, Naver Labs


    Neurophysiological Working Memory Task Classification from Magnetoencephalography Using Deep Learning

    Zachary Harper, Research Associate, Medical College of Wisconsin


    Upscaling with Deep Convolutional Networks and Muxout Layers

    Pablo Navarrete Michelini, Principal Research Engineer, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.


    Which Whale Is It, Anyway? Face Recognition for Right Whales Using Deep Learning

    Robert Bogucki, Chief Science Officer,


    Eyeriss: An Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Accelerator for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

    Yu-Hsin Chen, PhD Student, MIT


    Deep Learning Workloads on CRAY Cluster Systems with NVIDIA™ GPUs (Presented by Cray)

    Ryan Olson(Cray), Mark Staveley(Cray)



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