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Computational Biology

Check out this collection of posters to see how researchers in computational biology are accelerating their work with the power of GPUs.


    A GPU-Accelerated Statistical Method to Identify Differential Genetic Dependencies

    Gil Speyer, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, The Translational Genomics Research Institute


    Accelerating Protein Sequences and Classification Using GPU-HMMER Search

    Mahesh Khadtare Research Student, Pune University


    GPU Implementation of Protein Morphing Algorithm

    Chengbin Hu, Graduate Research Assistant, University of South Florida


    GPU-Accelerated Simulations of Evolution for Medical and Population Genetics

    David Lawrie, Postdoctoral Researcher


    GPU-Enabled Monte Carlo Simulation Makes Study of Cardiac Arrhythmia Possible

    Mohsin Jafri, Professor and Chair, George Mason University


    Modeling and Simulation of a Atrium Fiber Using GPUs

    John Osorio, Professor, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira



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