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Astronomy & Astrophysics

Check out this collection of research posters to find out how researchers in astronomy and astrophysics are accelerating their work with the power of GPUs.


    Angular Momentum of Late Lunar Forming Impacts Using NVIDIA GPUs

    Jonathan Petz, System Admin, HPC Lab, Tarleton State University


    Data Reduction for Cherenkov Gamma-Ray Astronomy on Jetson TK1

    Alberto Madonna Software Engineer, INAF


    N-Body Simulation of Binary Star Mass Transfer Using NVIDIA GPUs

    Taylor Hutyra, Baylor Fain, Edward Smith, Tarleton State University


    Implementation of a Real-Time Polyphase Filter in Radio Astronomy

    Karel Adámek, Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, University of Oxford


    Non-Uniform Diffusion of the Solar Surface Magnetic Field: Code Acceleration Using OpenACC for both GPUs and x86

    Ronald Caplan, Computational Scientist, Predictive Science Inc.


    Photometry of Fractal Meshes for Applications to Large-Scale Rough Planetary Surfaces

    Antonio Gracia Berná, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Bern



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