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GTC Webinars is a year-round extension of the great content available at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC). Each month, top developers, scientists, researchers, and industry practitioners present innovative and thought-provoking webinars focused on how the power of Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) are enabling their work and transforming their fields.


Previous Webinars

CUDA 8 Features Overview

Presenter: Milind Kukanur (NVIDIA)

The new CUDA Toolkit 8 includes support for Pascal GPUs, up to 2TB of Unified Memory and new automated critical path analysis for effortless performance optimization. This is the most powerful and easy version of the CUDA Toolkit to date.

June 29, 2016 | 53 Minutes
Catch Up on CUDA

Presenter: Chris Mason(Acceleware)

Join this free, foundational webinar on Wednesday, June 8 at 9am PST to gain essential CUDA programming knowledge. The course begins with a brief overview of CUDA and data-parallelism before focusing on the GPU programming model, fundamentals of GPU kernels, host and device responsibilities, CUDA syntax and thread hierarchy.

June 8, 2016 | 60 Minutes

Presenter(s): Jim Phillips(NAMD), Antti-Pekka Hynninen(ORNL) and Nikolay Sakharnykh(NVIDIA)

The latest version, NAMD 2.11, provides up to 7x* speedup on GPUs over CPU-only systems and up to 2x performance over NAMD 2.10. Run NAMD on GPUs and Accelerate Discoveries.

Join experts for a live session to get your NAMD and GPU related questions addressed.
*Dual CPU server, Intel E5-2698 v3@2.3GHz, NVIDIA Tesla K80 with ECC off, Autoboost On; STMV dataset

June 7, 2016 | 60 Minutes
Torch7: Applied Deep Learning for Vision and Natural Language

Presenter: Nicholas Léonard
Element Inc., Research Engineer

This webinar is targeted at machine learning enthusiasts and researchers and covers applying deep learning techniques on classifying images and building language models, including convolutional and recurrent neural networks. The session is driven in Torch: a scientific computing platform that has great toolboxes for deep learning and optimization among others, and fast CUDA backends with multi-GPU support.

October 8, 2015 | 53 Minutes
Real time, Low Latency Feature Tracking with ArrayFire

Presenter: Dr. Brian Kloppenborg
Research Scientist, ArrayFire

In this talk we'll discuss how ArrayFire can be used to find and extract features from images in real time with very little latency. I will provide an overview of feature extraction, comparison, and clustering methods; show you how to use ArrayFire for feature tracking; as well as an example of the performance we have achieved on commodity and enterprise-grade NVIDIA GPUs.

By attending this webinar, you'll learn about:

1. Feature tracking (a) feature extraction, (b) comparison functions, and (c) clustering methods for successful object identification.

2. How tracking features in live video with minimal delay is possible with NVIDIA GPUs.

3. By using the ArrayFire GPU library, software engineers can easily write high performance code that targets GPUs with very little invested effort.

September 15, 2015 | 46 Minutes

Presenter: Michael Wolfe
Compiler Engineer, NVIDIA

The PGI Accelerator Compilers with OpenACC are designed to deliver powerful performance without significant coding effort that is portable across many types of parallel processors. Now in beta, PGI compiler has a cutting-edge feature that accelerates the same OpenACC code on x86 CPUs as well as on GPUs. Join Michael to learn how to accelerate your FORTRAN and C/C++ application with performance portability using OpenACC and how you can get started today with the NVIDIA OpenACC Toolkit.

September 8, 2015 | 45 Minutes
Applications of Deep Learning to GEOINT Missions

Presenter: Jon Barker
Applied Engineer, NVIDIA

In this webinar we will give a brief introduction to deep learning and take a tour of the current and potential applications of deep learning to a variety of GEOINT tasks.

3 key takeaways:

Deep learning is applicable to a broad range of challenging perceptual GEOINT tasks

Deep learning is accessible today through open-source software frameworks accelerated by GPU technology

Deep learning is massively scalable to thrive on web-scale datasets and rapidly generalize to new problem sets

August 18, 2015 | 45 Minutes
Everything You Need to Know About CUDA 7.5

Presenter: Ujval Kapasi
CUDA Product Manager, NVIDIA

Please join us for an overview of the key features in the new CUDA 7.5 release. Ujval Kapasi, director of product management, and members of the CUDA engineering team will share how you can store up to 2x larger datasets in GPU memory and reduce memory bandwidth requirements significantly using the new 16-bit floating point (FP16) data format.

July 23, 2015 | 40 Minutes
Introducing Digits 2

Presenter: Allison Gray
Solution Architect, NVIDIA

Join us for a live walk-through of the new features in the second release of NVIDIA's Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS).

July 21, 2015 | 60 Minutes
Accelerate .NET Applications with Alea GPU

Presenter: Daniel Egloff
QuantAlea, Managing Director

Alea GPU closes this gap by bringing GPU computing directly into the .NET ecosystem. In this hands-on webinar we show how you can write cross platform GPU accelerated .NET applications in any .NET language much easier than ever before.

July 8, 2015 | 60 Minutes
Introduction to Accelerated Computing with OpenACC

Presenter: Jeff Larkin
NVIDIA, Developer Technologies

This webinar will serve as an introductory tutorial for anyone interested in accelerated computing using compiler directives. Participants will learn about OpenACC and a proven process for accelerating applications using compiler directives.

May 9, 2015 | 60 Minutes
GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning for cuDNN v2

Presenter: Larry Brown
NVIDIA, Solutions Architect

The new cuDNN v2 drop-in library accelerates deep learning applications using Caffe, Theano or Torch. Join NVIDIA's Larry Brown for an update and learn how you can accelerate your deep neural net training.

March 31, 2015 | 60 Minutes


Presented by NVIDIA, GTC is comprised of the annual conference, year-long webinar series, and workshops that connect the global community of developers, researchers, and scientists through unique educational and networking opportunities.