GTC Express Webinar Program

GTC Express is a year-round extension of the great content available at GTC. Each month, top developers, scientists, researchers, and industry practitioners present innovative and thought-provoking webinars focused on the GPU-enabled work they're doing and sharing how GPUs are transforming their fields.

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Date / Title / Speaker
October 21, 2014,9:00 AM PDT
Easy to Use Photorealistic Rendering with Iray for Maya
Peter de Lappe, NVIDIA and Christoph Berndt, [0x1] Software Consulting
October 28, 2014,9:00 AM PDT
cuDNN: Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks using GPUs
Sharan Chetlur, Software Engineer, NVIDIA
November 11, 2014,9:00 AM PDT
Heterogeneous CPU+GPU Molecular Dynamics Engine in CHARMM with Biofuels Applications
Antti-Pekka Hyninen, Research Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Michel Crowley, Principal Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
December 3, 2014,9:00 AM PDT
DIY Deep Learning for Vision: A Tutorial with Caffe
Evan Shelhamer, Ph.D. Student, UC Berkeley and Caffe lead developer