GTC Mobile Summit 2014

Where Cutting Edge Mobile meets GPU Compute

The second year of NVIDIA's GTC Mobile Summit brings together an expanded program to explore the cutting edge of how advanced processors such as Tegra K1 are driving the evolution of mobile devices with the raw visual computing power of a supercomputer of just a few years ago.

Mobile Summit Features

This year's mobile summit includes a mix in-depth tutorials, rapid-fire sessions and hands-on programming labs and panel discussions to ensure you can find the level of information you need:

  • Insightful coverage of key ecosystem, technical and business issues driving the mobile industry
  • Sessions from industry leaders including Google, Pixar and many others
  • A showcase of innovative mobile GPU and multicore-accelerated application development
  • Insights into how advanced sensors and vision processing will transform rich UI device interaction
  • The latest in developing portable applications using the latest mobile Web and HTML5 capabilities
  • Exceptional networking with your peers, customers and key decision makers in the mobile ecosystem
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Mobile Summit Highlights

Just a few of the highlights of the Mobile Summit at GTC14 include:

  • Google discussing Project Tango that is exploring bringing depth sensors to mobile devices
  • Updates from Meta on developing wearable displays and advanced user interfaces
  • Advanced Augmented Reality using the metaio SDK
  • The Chrome team discussing how they use GPUs for a smooth, interactive mobile browsing experience
  • Vuzix insights in to the evolution of wearable displays and when will they really be consumer ready?
  • Google will discuss how to use RenderScript for parallel computation on Android
  • Pixar will outline how they are bringing OpenSubdiv technology used in feature films to mobile phones

Plus 30 other mobile–related sessions, tutorials and hands-on labs.


Join us at Mobile Summit 2014 for up-to-date briefings on the latest mobile processors, development tools and techniques, technology roadmaps, and business trends. The summit has several focus areas that bring together the leading practitioners in the fields of:

  • Mobile Depth Sensors and Wearable Displays: Google, Mantis Vision, SagivTech, Vuzix, and NVIDIA
  • Vision Processing and Advanced Mobile User Interfaces: Embedded Vision Alliance, SoftKinetic, Meta, Metaio, Mixamo, and Eyesight
  • Mobile Web Acceleration: Google, NVIDIA, Khronos, Goo, and Ludei
  • Mobile Programming Techniques Tools and Ecosystem: Pixar, Google, TransGaming, RTT, and NVIDIA


The GTC Mobile Summit is ideal for anyone interested to understand how emerging mobile processing platforms are enabling new user experiences and market opportunities

  • Mobile app and game developers
  • Device OEMs
  • Mobile middleware, technology and component providers
  • Network Carriers
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