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Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Track focuses on state-of-the-art research powered by GPU technology for image classification, video analytics, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Viewers can choose from over 50 live sessions given by academic and industry peers, participate in hands-on labs and tutorials using the most popular deep learning frameworks, fine tune GPU computing skills with labs and have direct access to NVIDIA engineers.

Self-Driving Cars & Automotive

The Self-Driving Cars & Automotive Track is designed for automakers, suppliers, researchers, and developers leveraging visual computing–from styling and design, to engineering and simulation, to innovation inside the car. By viewing these sessions, you'll discover how GPU technology can help pave the way to safer and more enjoyable driving experiences, and ultimately the autonomous car.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

The Virtual Reality Track is designed for creative and technical professionals across a variety of industries who are looking to bring the VR experience to their customers. Viewers can choose from over 20 sessions to learn how NVIDIA solutions meet the needs of gaming and professional application developers, VR headset manufacturers, and end users.

Aerospace and Defense

The Aerospace and Defense track is designed for developers, researchers, engineers and system integrators leveraging high performance computing - from data analytics to geospatial intelligence, to computer vision and deep learning. By exploring these sessions you’ll discover how GPUs help deliver accurate and actionable information needed for in Defense, Government, Intelligence, and Security agencies to perform at their best.

Computer Vision

The Computer Vision Track showcases breakthroughs in GPU technology that are enabling computers to see and make sense of their world. The track draws leading minds from around the world in the areas of robotics, intelligent video analytics, real-time image indexing, and autonomous navigation. Seeing the CV track will help you stay current with one of the fastest-growing and most impactful areas of computers today.

Graphics Virtualization

The Graphics Virtualization Track offers the knowledge and tools you need to deliver graphics-accelerated virtual desktops and applications. Session viewers will have the opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry, get hands on experience with the NVIDIA GRID virtualization solution, network with peers, and NVIDIA technical experts.

High Performance Computing

With hundreds of sessions in an array of computational research and computer science domains complimented by dozens of hands on developer labs and tutorials, GTC is the world's most significant conference for accelerated computing. Discover how hundreds of your peers from around the world are accelerating discovery and insight with GPUs.

Intelligent Autonomous Machines / IoT

The Intelligent Autonomous Machines (IAM) and Internet of Things (IoT) Track highlights the newest advances in drones, robotics, Intelligent Video Analytics and embedded computing. See and learn how Jetson TX1 is powering breakthroughs in autonomous navigation, facial recognition, behavioral analysis, and related applications. Get up to speed on the latest in high-power, energy-efficient visual computing.

Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment Track is designed for Visual Effects Artists & Independent people creating video, animations, 3D, and motion graphics content. Through this track, you'll discover how GPU technology helps speed production times and helps produce state-of-the-art effects.


The Product and Building Design Track is geared toward executives, workgroup managers, designers, and engineers in a broad range of manufacturing and AEC industries. Discover how leading companies are using advanced computer graphics technology at all stages of the product development life cycle, from concept to design and marketing, to lower costs and bring products to market faster.


Presented by NVIDIA, GTC is comprised of the annual conference, year-long webinar series, and workshops that connect the global community of developers, researchers, and scientists through unique educational and networking opportunities.